Start your own

When starting your own, you have a few options:
  1. Have the camera sent to me and I'll do all the processing work
  2. Have it sent to you and post to your own website (if you do this, please let me know you site, so I can link to it from here)
  3. Have it sent to you and process it, but send me the digital pictures to post
For options 1 and 3, a little donation to cover costs would be greatly appreciated but not expected.

First either make your own directions or download the one of the files I've made. I have the file in pdf where all you have to do is add a camera number and Word document where you can edit a lot more (the size, wording, address, website, etc).

On the pdf (as well as the Word doc if you plan on having the camera sent to me), the camera number information is editable. Please add a six digit number; please make it random or one that has some meaning (for examples read my posts labeled "release") for as many cameras as you want to use. Feel free to use the following generator:

Print and cut out the directions then tape them to a disposable camera. I like to put the camera in a plastic zip-lock baggy to protect from the elements as much as possible. Now take the camera and put anywhere you'd like to start!

If you wouldn't mind emailing me the following information when you start your camera:
  • Camera number
  • Information on the camera itself (film speed, number of exposures, brand, etc.)
  • Where/when you left the camera
  • Your email address
  • Your name (or pseudonym) if you'd like me to mention it.
Thanks! And good luck! I'll let you know once I get the camera, if you're having it sent to me.