About the Project

This project is very simply and can be summed up in the directionsI then tape those directions on the back of disposable film cameras and left them in an assortment of locations—e.g. in a Geocache, at Burning Man, given to a friend (sometimes via mail), any public location, etc.

I started this project for a couple reasons. First of all, I had a growing interest in film which started about a year ago when I received a free film SLR camera as well as a box full of film. I really enjoyed taking film pictures and the aged look they automatically had. The use of disposable cameras is also a throw back to a "simpler time"—as they say. Comparing the wait that is necessary for film cameras (especially these ones, who knows how long it'll take to see the results) with digital is also an interest experience many people don't think about any more. I also liked the idea of mailing the cameras back to me. Mail and letters are not around very often anymore. I started writing letters to a high school friend of mine and have really enjoyed it. And of course, I wanted to see how others see the world and enjoy their experiences vicariously through them.

You're more than welcome to start your own disposable camera.

A quick note: instead of mailing the camera back to me, if you'd like you can develop the pictures yourself then email me digital versions.